Concerts 2017

21.01.2017 Italian Organist Bianchi
(Organized by Israel Organ Association)
25.02.2017 12:00 noon, Organ Recital Roman Krasnovsky
(Organized by Israel Organ Association)
2.03.2017, 7:00 pm, Refectory of the Church of the Redeemer
The Jerusalem Ensemble of Religious Songs and Praise of the Prophet presents: 
Melodies to the Jerusalem local feast of the Night Journey of the Prophet
(Short introduction with Prof. A. Neuwirth)


9.03.2017, 8 pm Oratorio "Weg-Farben" Wolfgang Kleber, Darmstadt/Germany
19.03.2017, 7.30 pm Concert with "Brass for Peace", Dir. Traugott Fünfgeld
25.03., 12:00 Organ Recital with Heinrich Walther (organized by Israel Organ Association)
22.04.2017, 12:00, Organ Recital with Magdalena Malec (Poland) (organized by Israel Organ Association)
29.04.2017, 8pm,  Organ Recital KMD Matthias Böhlert (Salzwedel, Germany)
13.05.2017, 8 pm
Duo recital, Igal Levin, Clarinet; Batia Murvitz, piano
4.06.2017, 8 pm
Sunday, June 4 8 pm
Heinrich Schalit "A Friday Evening Liturgy" for mixed choir, cantor and organ
Louis Lewandowsky, Psalms for choir and organ
Brass music by Jewish composers of the 20th century
Cantor Paul-Yuval Adam, Adrian Buettemeier, organ, Brass Ensemble Zion and Project Choir Guetersloh 
Conductor: Johannes Vetter, Church Music Director, Guetersloh
23.06.2017, 8 pm SUMMER CONCERT, Ascension Church, Mount of Olives
Soloists from Redeemer Choir
13.07.2017, 8 pm, Redeemer Church: Organ Recital Arin Maisky, Tel Aviv
19.08.2017, 8pm, Redeemer Church: Organ Recital Joerg Walter, Berlin/Germany
25.08.2017, 8 pm "Sounding Jerusalem" opening concert: International Cello ensemble
31.08., 8pm, Redeemer Church and rooftop (open air) "You raise me up" - Brass music
7.09.2017 Violoncello and piano: Reinhard Armleder, violoncello; Dagmar Hartmann, piano "Karlsruher Konzert-Duo"
21.10.2017 Organ Recital Prof. Neithart Bethge, Jena/Germany
11.11.2017 Leipziger Synagogal Chor, Conductor Ludwig Böhme
17.12.2017, 8 pm
CHRISTMAS CONCERT Dvorak, Brahms, Rheinberger, Goettsche
Choir and Soloists from Redeemer Church, Prof. Stefan Viegelahn- organ